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Hall of Shame

The Loveland Reporter-Herald refuses to allow the public to look at bound volumes of early Loveland newspaper from 1928 to 1936, and the Loveland Public Library refuses to acknowledge that the gap in their microfilm reels for these years could easily be filled. There was no destructive fire that prevents these issues from being microfilmed (so library staff should stop saying this), there is simply a lack of interest on the part of the Loveland Reporter-Herald and the Loveland Public Library board of trustees in allowing people to view their history. Sadly, there is no other holder in Colorado or the world of these issues. I recently traveled through 20 counties in the eastern half of Colorado, and there are only two communities out of more than 40 visited that don't currently allow the public to view their old newspapers: Loveland and Limon. Limon is making efforts to transfer their older bound volumes from the newspaper office to the Limon Museum. Loveland is making no such efforts, after 5 years of repeated requests from individuals interested in being able to read about their parents, their grandparents, and their past. Shame on the entire community of Loveland for being so backward and ignorant. Welcome to the Hall of Shame.

News & Updates Posted September 30, 2012 Loveland Reporter-Herald and Loveland Public Library now honored members of the Hall of Shame
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